Board Of Directors

Please welcome the Board of Directors for 2019-2020

Name Email Elected Position
Mark Cekala Cekala_ell AT President
Sean King sking AT VP
Michael Monteforte Mmonteforte1 AT Director of Operations
Mike DiSalvo Madisalvo35 AT Treasurer
Brittany King Brittyk621 AT Secretary
Jason Stanhope Jss1111678 AT Player Agent
Sabrina Stanhope Sabrina.stanhope AT Safety Officer/Fundraising Manager
Joshua Santos Joshua.w.santos AT Coaching Coordinator
Mark DeBonee mdebonee AT Website Administrator
John Thompson jjt1320 AT
Equipment Manager
Becky Feliciano Rjudd1 AT Scheduling Coordinator
Steve Pierce Spierce986 AT Single A Director/Uniforms Manager
Jay Golden researchracing AT Communications Manager
Paul Wellspeak wellspr AT Concessions Manager
Gina Cekala Gina61879 AT Sales Director
Jon LeBlanc jonleblanc009 AT
Sponsorship Manager
Emily Kaiser Ekaiser.ell AT T Ball Director
Tom Owens
AA Director
Len Whitten
Travel/Reds Director
Tim Norris Tnorris3535 AT Majors Director/Clinics Coordinator

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