Board Of Directors

Please welcome the Board of Directors for 2018-2019

Name Email Primary Cell Elected Position
Mark Cekala [email protected] 8604781947 President
Sean King [email protected] 2034101669 VP
Michael Monteforte [email protected] 8607985440 Director of Operations
Mike DiSalvo [email protected] 8608195662 Treasurer
Brittany King [email protected] 8603947110 Secretary
Jason Stanhope [email protected] 8606801534 Player Agent/Equipment Manager
Joshua Santos [email protected] 8607780813 Coaching Coordinator
Paul Wellspeak [email protected] 8609902785 IT/Web Design
Tedd Brooks [email protected] 8606046700 Safety Director
Gina Cekala [email protected] 8606554529 Sales Director
Emily Kaiser [email protected] 8608496798 T Ball Director
Steve Pierce [email protected] 8609167790 Single A Director
Mark labianca [email protected] 8609707910 Uniforms Manager/AA Director
John Maggipinto [email protected] 8608307763 AAA Director
Dave Falk [email protected] 8606702736 Majors, 50/70, Juniors Director
Becky Feliciano [email protected] 8608697321 Scheduling Coordinator
Jay Golden [email protected] 8608056904 Communications Manager
Sabrina Stanhope [email protected] 8603946090 Fundraising Coordinator
Paige Cekala Concessions Manager
Tim Norris [email protected] 8608746154 Clinics Coordinator

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