Triple AAA

Division Director
– Rob Petrone       

Division Bylaws - 2021: Triple AAA Bylaws

The Enfield Little League Triple AAA division is for the 9 - 12 year old players who are experienced and that have graduated from Double AA. These are real games and player pitch. There may be exceptions for players outside the age range who may be not have enough experience for the majors division and at the request of their parents with a signed waiver.

Player Expectations

  • Players by this level should have an excellent grasp and meet expectations from Tee Ball all the way through Double AA divisions.
  • Players should know to start in the back of the batter’s box and learn to adjust their location based on the pitcher’s abilities.
  • All infielders should know when to be in good ready position either by SS calling it out or by watching catchers sign.
  • Players should know how to lead and steal. There are no leads until pitch crosses the front of the plate. Generally, there are unlimited steals and of all bases is permitted.
  • Players should know that once the pitcher gets the ball and is on the mound all running must stop.
  • Players will continue good dugout behavior. Focus on the game while in the dugout becomes more important as the player moves up in divisions.

Coaching Expectations

  • Coaches should start to incorporate signs in terms of their catcher giving signs, third base coach giving signs, defensive adjustments, etc.
  • Coaches should try to develop 5 pitchers at this level. Some will be more advanced, but this number of pitchers will give you more options especially in weeks when you have three games or if your team is in a tournament.
  • Coaches should develop two catchers. The length of games could make catchers tired and take into consideration the number of games throughout the week.
  • Take time to read the Little League Rule book for the current season.
  • Have a game plan for each practice and adjust their plans as team needs arise.
  • Other towns may not have the same by-laws. Make sure you go over the by-laws & ground rules with the umpire and other coach before the game begins.
  • Communicate with your division director on a regular basis.
  • Be patient. Umpires will make mistakes. Be sure to discuss any rule confusion with the umpire in between innings.

Coaching Resources

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