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Division Bylaws - 2023: Majors Bylaws

The Enfield Little League Majors division is made up of our most experienced players between the ages of 10 – 12. Baseball games at this level are more competitive over the previous division while the players continue to learn more advanced skills.

Player Expectations

  • Players should have an excellent grasp of all expectations all the way up through Triple AAA division.
  • Players should know by this time to watch all the pitchers on a regular basis throughout the game. Adjust their stance in the batter’s box, as necessary.
  • Middle infielders should be very focal always making sure the outfielders are aware of the situation at hand.
  • Players will continue to enhance their skills with leading and stealing from what they have learned in Triple AAA division.
  • Players should be comfortable with learning the signs and watching for them at appropriate times throughout the game.
  • Players are expected to treat their teammates, coaches and opponents with respect and are always expected to have good sportsmanship.
  • Players at this level should be completely focused on what’s happening on the field regardless of if they are on the field or in the dugout. The dugout should not be an issue. 

Coaching Expectations

  • Coaches are encouraged to have at least two practices per week.
  • Work with your division director to understand division bylaws.
  • Responsible for maintaining any equipment in lock boxes or provided to you.
  • Coaches are regularly incorporating signs into the game, as necessary.
  • Coaches will continue to develop pitching staff for game time while considering all pitch count rules.
  • Coaches should develop two catchers. The length of games could make catchers tired and take into consideration the number of games throughout the week.
  • Take time to read the Little League Rule book for the current season.
  • Have a game plan for each practice and adjust their plans as team needs arise.
  • Other towns may not have the same by-laws. Make sure you go over the by-laws & ground rules with the umpire and other coach before the game begins.
  • Communicate with your division director on a regular basis.
  • Be patient. Umpires will make mistakes. Be sure to discuss any rule confusion with the umpire in between innings.

Coaching Resources

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