Player of the Month

For each month where there is an ELL event, a Player will be selected as player of the month.
This honor will be chosen by Coaches, Directors, and Event Coordinators.

Winter Clinics

 Advanced ClinicsFundamental Clinics
 February 2019 
 Adan HernandezGrant Kelly
 Adan has shown great focus, determination, and willingness to learn. He also has a great knowledge of baseball for his age.Grant has shown great leadership by always willing to help the coaches. His positive attitude and hard work has been a great example to the other players.
January 2019 
Cadance Golden Camden Valley 
Cadance has great heart, hustle, and a thirst for knowledge. She is a wonderful leader. She never missed practice and is always baseball ready. Camden has shown wonderful enthusiasm, is always smiling, and has a ton of potential. He has learned a lot thus far in his first year of baseball. 
December 2018  
 Tevor Sixt Declan Cekala

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